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Electric Wizard Just created THE HEAVIEST album in existence Dopethrone. The follow up is a bit of a disappointment though. Let us prey is VERY HEAVY and doesn't let up a bit in terms of slow crushing riffs. Although Theres a more psychedelic and almost scary atmosphere.
1. A Chosen Few - This song starts The album out very good. Immediately it jumps into an outstanding riff that induces involuntary head banging. When the song kicks in with the drums it reaches a level of heaviness (and Grooviness) Unheard of Before Dopethrone. Jus's Vocals are very low in the mix and distorted constantly being drowned out by guitar and cymbals making them impossible to decipher. This song is way too similar to the song dopethrone. But thats expected coming from Mr. Oborn. But it does not take away from the song at all seeing as this riff is just so great. Although the song Is a little to long leaving the listener bored at points. Besides the Length, its a great song (best off Album). 4.5/5
2. We, The Undead - surprisingly this song is fast paced and not a bit monotonous. It features a stellar riff and a really cool bridge. I really dig the vocals in this song although you cannot understand a damn thing he says. Theres also a nice little solo in this song making the whole thing very enjoyable. 4.0/5
3. Master of Alchemy - Yet another GREAT riff. This track in particular reminds of "10,000 Years" by High on Fire. After about 5 minutes of one riff the song stops and goes into a new riff with of sea of cymbal crashes and backing wah pedal. This continues until the end of the song (for the most part). It does get pretty boring but still a good track. 3.5/5
4. The Outsider - Very heavy track that is pretty interesting to listen to start to finish. Starts off with a nice bass intro that leads into guitar. after that its pretty boring just a stoner doom track with inaudible vocals. But all that changes around the 6 minute mark. This song kicks back up with a groovy wah pedal riff with knee quaking bass behind it. A pleasant way to end such a long boring track. 3.3/5
5. Night of The Shape - Is a very unorthodox track for EW. One could call this track experimental if they wanted. It almost feels like its not electric wizard with the violin and all. This track features really nice drums and piano (Yes, Piano) that feel like it should be in a classic vampire film. Avery memorable song, but it drags on just a to0 long. 3.0/5
6. Priestess of Mars - Another long track. More distorted vocals that you can't really understand are present once again. Some great riffs are displayed as well, most of them having some sort of unique fill at the end of them. The song ends with Jus Repeating "You are my priestess of mars". Sound familiar? It should seeing as he uses that line in "Venus in Furs" off of there most recent release "Black Masses" (Solid Album). This song once again overstays its welcome. The intro is great but the rest is just okay. 3.5/5
Overall This album is pretty good. If your'e into wizard a lot, I Would recommend this album to you. If not I do not think this is the album for you.
-- Sputnik Music
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