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Car Alarms and Crickets CD

"Populated by a charming and puzzling array of electronic follies, Car Alarms and Crickets is utterly seductive. While the layers of otherworldly instruments are deep, they're skillfully arranged to create irresistible rhythms laced with glossy, ghostly vocals. If the instrumentation sounds alien, it's with good reason: Octant's captain, Matt Steinke, creates many of the instruments employed to weave these love songs for shimmy-shaking 'bots. Unlike some other breeders of electronic experimentation, Steinke and partner Tassy Zimmerman corral their creations into odd yet highly irresistible groovy tunes. There's no thump-thump-thump of dance club monotony. The music makes you move, nonetheless, with its imaginative and syncopated arrangements of haunting and sometimes harsh sounds. At times slightly reminiscent of Foetus, Octant knows how to take a bleep or grind or squeal and manipulate and punch it just so. The result is a rich and driving pulse. Dare I call it the thinking man's dance music?" Rodney Gibbs, Splendid E-Zine
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