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Three Four Tens

Change is On Its Way CD

Pretty soon we're all gonna get a little older. Although time may change some, THE THREE 4 TENS' new full-length Change Is On Its Way (FT38) clearly demonstrates a tactful ability to trace time. Where many modern throwbacks come across stale or ill conceived, Change genuinely encapsulate an energy that has fueled the great eras of rock n' roll. Conceived within the hushed halls of a Philadelphia Catholic High School, the first incarnation of THE THREE 4 TENS took form in the insubordinate imaginations of classmates Joe Tagg and Jamie Mann. Tagg and Mann's rock n' roll reveries were put to put to practice mid '95 when the duo began writing material in the key of PINK FLOYD's Pipers at the Gates of Dawn and THE WHO's Quadrophenia. After adding drummer John Kois and guitarist Brian McNamara to the lineup, the quartet recorded and released their debut EP, Throwback Move With the Three 4 Tens (Lounge Records, September '96), and sparked an unruly live reputation leaving flaming tire tracks throughout the greater Northeast. THE THREE 4 TENS supported the Throwback EP with extensive touring (including slots on THE WHO's 1997 reunion tour) and furthered their retro reputation with the Magic Trip 7" (Lounge Records, October '98) and a song on the Psychedelphia compilation (featuring future F13 label mates BENT LEG FATIMA and LENOLA). Soon after Mc Namara was replaced by guitarist Scott Rogers and the reinvented THE THREE 4 TENS was approached by Paul Smith (renowned producer of STEVE EARLE and MARAH) to oversee the production of Change. The shared admiration and objectives between Smith and THE THREE 4 TENS gives the nine songs on Change Is On Its Way a distinct dynamism between influence and ingenuity. Songs like "Little Dove" and "Sugar Creek" carry on a Philadelphia tradition of garage, psyche-pop first realized by TODD RUNDGREN's in the late '60s. Where as previous THREE 4 TENS' material took cues from BARRETT-era FLOYD, the epic wandering of "Happy New Year" and "What I Feel" makes mellow references to "Atom Heart Mother" and "More". Incorporating sitar, harpsichord, and mandolin into songs like "Ostinato Raga" and "A Red Shirt Today" creates fresh and perfectly subdued perspectives of songs usually manic and messy in the bands' live set. THE THREE 4 TENS will be touring in support of Change Is On Its Way throughout the fall and winter of '01.
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