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Beats From the 90s Volume 2 12"

ONLY 500 MANUFACTURED! LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE! Sequels, are sometimes incorrectly labeled; inferior. Beats From The 90's Vol. 2 doesn't fit into that category. Slept on, quality beats, from K-Def's stint working with Marley Marl at the House of Hits; during Hip-Hop's second Golden Age. These selected tracks showcase his varied taste, and maturity in hip-hop production. Culled from broken dat tapes and floppy disks. BFT902, offers a glimpse, of what could of been. Tracks that are superior. And would have given any MC or Rapper of that period, proper footing too forge classic material. His weapons of choice were the Roger Linn endorsed Akai MPC 3000 and S-3000. One of the first producers, too utilize these machines. K-Def, cemented his legendary status as a maestro of the beats, with his sample heavy classic; The Turnaround : A Long Awaited Drama.
"This is one of my favorite albums, that I've assembled, says K-Def. These tracks were done from 1992-1996. They're tracks here, that were overlooked from a lot of 90's artists. Tracks chosen, for albums that never came out. I've kept working in the studio. Do I have a life? Yup, making HOT!!! tracks."
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