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X-Ray Spex

Germfree Adolescents LP

Imagine if Leonardo DaVinci had painted the Mona Lisa the first time he picked up a paintbrush. Well, that's essentially what X-Ray Spex did when they recorded Germfree Adolescents. They gave the world their masterpiece on their very first try, and then left us all with our mouths hanging open when they decided to disband before recording another one! The year was 1977 and gender stereotypes, consumerism and conformity all crumbled to dust when the braces-clad Marion Elliot (Poly Styrene) let out her first windowpane-shattering screech to the tune of "Oh Bondage Up Yours!" And just in case any windows had managed to stay in tact, there was always her sax-toting school chum Susan Whitby (Lora Logic) right behind. Poly Styrene's rants on our increasing isolation and homogenisation in a sterile, consumer-driven society, speak more on the subject than a whole library full of scholarly volumes, but what makes the record stand the test of time is the plain fact no band before or since has ever made such brilliant punk rock
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