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Mergia is an Ethiopian keyboardist and accordion player currently living in Washington, D.C. Wede Harer Guzo, his second album for Awesome Tapes From Africa, is a tape he made in 1978 with the Dahlak band, who were residents at Addis Ababa's Ghion Hotel club at the time. It was a follow-up to his 1977 album with The Walias, Tche Belew which is considered a cornerstone of the Ethio jazz-and-funk golden age of the '70s.
The original version of Wede Harer Guzo was released through the now-defunct Sheba Music Shop. Mergia's copy of the cassette is the only known source for the recording. The label tapped Jessica Thompson at Coast Mastering to clean up layers of hiss, flutter and distorted frequencies, which were exacerbated by years of storage.
-- Resident Advisor
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