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Following the middle eastern-tinged R&B of 2010′s Palinopsia, d'Eon's side functions as a continuous, circular suite that comments on society's reliance on technology through both its content and presentation (the intro "Telepathy" is largely based around a sample of cell phone interference). Chris d'Eon broadens his stylistic breadth by developing mature, contemporary takes on new and old electronic genres, whether he's incorporating elements of Chicago footwork and new jack swing or making forays into bygone genres such as UK drum and bass and trip hop. Harnessing the dark energy of her sophomore album Halfaxa with the shimmering dream pop of Geidi Primes, Grimes's side represents a synthesis of those two sonic personalities. Displaying a level of clarity and craftsmanship heretofore unseen in her music.
-- Arbutus
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