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My nine-year-old played a magic trick on me this morning. He asked me to think of a four-digit number and tell it to him. He then wrote down a number on a sealed piece of paper and asked me to tell him three more. He then (without doing any calculations) wrote down another number and asked me to open the sealed paper. On it was the number he'd written down. Two days ago, my five-year-old told me a great visual joke. "Here's Froggy [lays hand flat]. Froggy can swim [moves hand down] Froggy can fly [moves hand up] Froggy can walk [moves hand along]. Give a hand of applause to Froggy [claps hands together] ... Oh! Froggy dead!"
Near the heart of this magic and humour lies the appeal of Quarters! and its beautiful sprawling final track, Lonely Sheet Steel Flyer. On an album of four quarters, each precisely 10 minutes 10 seconds long, King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard unravel mysteries, perform magic, tease melodies out of intricately formed musical patterns and do it all with a face that would be straight except it's taken too many mind-altering substances. On the third track, the meowing, cock-crowing and beckoning laid-back psych jam, Infinite Rise, the prolific Melbourne group make creating music sound so uncomplicated you can almost hear the workings. Yet it does not matter.
King Gizzard have released six albums since September 2012, running the gamut from space rock to quirky psych-jazz to loose and trippy freak-outs to beach pop to spaghetti western. And in among the blissed-out wig-outs of Quarters they settle in to what could be their most intoxicating sound yet.
-- The Guardian
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