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Never Grow Up LP

Shelflife presents the return of German pop heroes, Brideshead with their third album Never Grow Up, available on limited vinyl.
Never Grow Up is comprised of nine newly recorded songs, plus last year's single "The Mermaid" and the four gems from their "Comeback" 10" EP. The album is a dream soundtrack for a serene summer day where 90's Swedish pop and 80's jangle mingle in the air. Bask in a bath of jangly guitars, timeless melodies and gentle vocals by a band once called "the best English-vocal band currently around in Germany." They combine the finest moments from classic P!O!P! -- the summer of '82 (Orange Juice and The Pale Fountains), the class of '86 (Mighty Mighty, McCarthy, The Brilliant Corners, and The Bodines) and the freshness of 90s Swedish pop (Eggstone and The Cardigans). Layers of guitars, bass, drums, and trumpet with Martin's handsome vocals to tie it all together. This is surely the record of the summer!
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