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Har Mar Superstar

Insound Tour Support V. 9 CD

You've heard the rumors but you haven't heard the music - until now. Har Mar Superstar, despite persistant rumors to the contrary, is not a Keith Sweat protege nor is it a Hot 97 supergroup founded by former members of Shai. Har Mar Superstar is the new chicken-fried slow-jam R&B act fronted by former Calvin Krime/current Sean Na Na man Sean Tillman and Sugar Free trackmasters the Busy Signals. As always, this EP is very limited and once to aphrodisiastic qualities of this EP are tested, we're pretty sure it will quickly become a collector's item. Featuring "Who's Your Babbydaddy," "Baby, Do You Like My Clothes," and "Girl, You're Stupid." If the John Spencer Blues Explosion are blues and the Make-Up are gospel, then Har Mar Superstar is R&B.
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