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Dopesmoker 2xLP Pic Disc

The long-awaited first official release of the hypnotically thundering, deeply mystical, and sacrament-demanding Dopesmoker from Northern California's true godfathers of stoner rock glory SLEEP. Originally released in 1998 as the cleaned up and shortened (54 minutes) Jerusalem, Dopesmoker is the band's original 65-minute, single-track magnum opus, recorded live in the studio by BILLY ANDERSON (Melvins, Neurosis, Mr. Bungle, etc.). A cathartic single-tempo, trance-inducing groove of the heaviest order, carried across a celestial soundscape by a plundering guitar tone--courtesy of MATT PIKE now of HIGH ON FIRE--that sounds as it it was forged by Thor himself and unearthed from the depths of Valhalla.
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