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You'd be hard pressed to find a band more unnerving than Need New Body. The Philadelphia group, risen from the ruins of N.Jersey psych/art-rock pranksters Bent Leg Fatima, is about as unpredictable as they come. The five members swirl organ, drums, sax, bass and - in the words of vocalist/dancer/multi-instrumentalist Jeff Bradbury - "pots and pans, banjos, good spirits, evil spirits," into a wicked hurdy gurdy. One gets the feeling that the band's music - in a way continuing Bent Leg's deconstruction of the Psychadelphia sound into fractious shards of out-jazz, jive poetry and derelict cabaret - is as much for the band's amusement as that of their listeners. "One of the most engaging and just plain fucked-up recordings in a long time" [Philadelphia City Paper]; "...sublime tumbledown glitch jazz. Need New Body fronts like Tom Waits spoiling for a scrap and lurches like Captain Beefheart off his head, but at the heart is the belief that you can dance to this music. And you can dance to it" [Sleazenation].
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