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We Have You Surrounded LP

Since the early 90's, Mick Collins has been talking about this band as being one of his many on going musical projects. For years the band seemed to exist more in concept than in reality. The idea sounded great: two bassists, two drummers, a landslide of thundering bottom-heavy noise that would not be mistaken for the bass-less Gories. Silver Apples covers and a multitude of seven-inch releases was promised, but for a long time there was no evidence that the group actually existed. Around 1997 an amazing thing happened: an actual record from The Dirtbombs appeared in record stores - a seven inch just like Mick had talked about years before. Shortly afterward came another single, then another one and so on and so on. Soon there were rumors of live Dirtbombs shows taking place in Detroit. Word started to spread that the band was seen performing in other states and even other countries. Now it's the year 2000 and
The Dirtbombs have probably recorded more songs and played more live shows than any of Mick's other projects - at least that what Mick tells us. If you compare credits from record to record you'll notice that the personnel changes with each release - Ghetto Recorders engineer Jim Diamond seems to have hung in there the longest. Their debut album was released in late '98 and was titled "Horndog Fest" - it's filled with numerous references to comic book-fur-covered animals that are far too deep for this writer to comprehend. Their sophomore album will be recorded in August of 2000, tentatively titled "Ultraglide In Black", and Mick promises that this one will be his tribute to the black music he grew up with. You should be warned that his next record after that just might be his tribute the Yellow Magic Orchestra. Expect nothing from this band and you'll never be disappointed.
-- In The Red Recordings
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