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Laura Gibson

If You Come to Greet Me LP

Laura gibson lives in portland, sings songs and plays a nylon-stringed guitar. she is 27 years-old...she grew up in a small isolated logging town in the south coast of oregon, the daughter of the town’s kindergarten teacher and a forest ranger. she was a state champion high-jumper, and went to college on a math scholarship...she couldn’t tell you what band put out what particular album in what year, but she could probably describe where she was, how she felt and what you talked about, when she first met you, or what the trees looked like the last time her heart was broken...she likes trees. laura's musical venturing began in 2004, when she began playing humble shows in Portland (unless you count playing shows at local nursing homes, which she has done for some time). since then, many have been endeared to her voice and her songs. she has performed at many fine establishments, toured the United States by bus, train, plane and car, and has shared the stage with both old folksters and indie kids alike. her music has been championed by NPR, lauded by the New York Times, and featured at show-and-tell in her nephews kindergarten class. she thanks her lucky stars for these opportunities... in january 2006, she began recording her debut full-length album, "if you come to greet me" with the wonderful adam selzer at his type foundry studios in portland, and with dylan magierek at closer recording studios in san francisco. gibson found the perfect backing band in the members of portland based norfolk and western. the songs range from sparse and subtle guitar to an orchestra of strings, horns, banjo, vibraphone and singing saw. notable contributors include adam selzer (M Ward, Norfolk and Western), Rachel Blumberg (M Ward, the Decemberists, Bright Eyes, Norfolk and Western), Peter Broderick (Horse Feathers), Cory Gray (Desert City Soundtrack) and Al James (Dolorean).
--Graveface Records
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