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Bob Dylan

Shadows In The Night LP

And what do you know, Dylan can actually sing. Without sounding overly reverent, he croons persuasively, especially on "Why Try to Change Me Now". That song, recorded by Sinatra in 1959 for his album No One Cares, resonates powerfully on Shadows in the Night, with a performance so assured you might think Dylan wrote it himself. And perhaps that’s why Dylan gravitates to these tunes. Never the most confessional songwriter—he dodges more than he professes—he has remained guarded about his inner life, making him both the most studied songwriter of the rock era and also the least known. But "Why Try to Change Me Now" may be one of the most revealing tunes he has sung in the twentieth century, allowing him to settle into the role of the lovable curmudgeon, a man who understands he’s a mess but is too old to change. It’s the best reason he’s given for recording this album.
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