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J Mascis

Tied to a Star LP

It makes perfect sense that I was asked to write a bio for J Mascis. Letís face it, he and I have a long history. It all started the first time I saw him live. It was in New York City. I donít remember when or where, but I think he was walking around. I was probably walking around, too. The second time was also in New York, at a Mexican restaurant in the East Village (the one that takes credit cards now, but didnít used to). Years later I actually met him at the SXSW festival though a friend who works at Sub Pop. I guess that meeting went well, because when that friend from Sub Pop got married, she sat me at the same table as J. Sounds unbelievable? I suggest you look at the picture below. Now keep staring at that picture until August 26th. Thatís when Jís new acoustic album Tied to a Star comes out on Sub Pop Records. It features appearances by Ken Maiuri, Pall Jenkins , Mark Mulcahy, and Chan Marshall. Had I been in the area, Iím sure I wouldíve been asked to play on it, too. - Todd Barry
- Sub Pop
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