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King Jammy's

Dub Explosion LP

Prince Jammy would soon be crowned King Jammy,as the 1970’s rolled into the Dancehall 80’s. But during this period we should also remember what an innovator Jammy was in the field of Dub.
Having returned from what would result in being a 5 year hiatus in Canada. Prince Jammy (Born, Lloyd James,1947, Montego Bay, Jamaica.) took up the vacant spot as engineer at King Tubby’s Studio at 18 Dromilly Avenue. The year was 1975 and Tubby’s studio had established a reputation for producing something a bit special for the tunes flip side, that would turn into a dubbed version of the vocal tune. The Producers would literally queue to have their tunes worked on, so that they could be played out at the various Sound Systems around Kingston, including King Tubby’s own Hometown Hi - Fi Sound System. Such was the demand for his studio and time, Tubby’s trust in Jammy’s ability would see Jammy engineer most of the sessions on his own. His understanding of electronic’s which was his first love, would in many ways, help him produce such great sound recordings for the numerous sessions that he cut his musical teeth on. As well as working at Tubby's studio full time often the first in and the last to leave the building, Jammy encouraged by Tubby was working on his own studio not a stones throw from Tubby's. 38 St Lucia, in the Waterhouse district of Kingston.
Jammy’s early recordings produced in the 1970's were so precise, they are often mistaken as digital sound recordings, which he later become famous for in the 80's. The Dubs we have compiled with Jammy himself, are mostly 1970's recordings, which a lot of people mistake as 80's cuts because firstly the sound quality is such a high standard, and secondly because they were released and became hits in the 80's. Although Jammy had built his own studio by now and had worked extensively at Tubby's which also recorded whole group sessions, when the need arose. We find many of these cuts, we feature here were recorded at the famous Channel 1 Studio. A place Jammy used a lot to cut the music at, basically because of the great sound acoustically it provided. He might then voice or mix the track at his own studio later.
You can hear the clear sound Jammy could produce from our opening track when stripped to its dub, the bass cuts through powerfully yet as clear as a bell.Jammy had also being running his own Super Power Sound System first started back in 1962 again with the help of his childhood friend King Tubby.Jammy has released some classic dub albums over the years such as Prince Jammy In A Lion Dub Style, In The Light Dub and Fatman Riddim Section's Killer Dub, to name but a few. We hope that this selection of 1970's dub cuts will stand next to those.Remembering that although King Jammy ruled the 1980's digital revolution he had already contributed to the Dub Explosion way before that....
Respect Jah Floyd.
- Jamaican Records
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