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Language Lessons Volume 1 Book/2LP

* The Language Lessons: Volume I box set includes a hardbound book of contemporary poetry and prose, two vinyl LPs of jazz, psychedelic-punk, poetry, blues and pop, and 5 pieces of hangable art all housed in a hard-case clothbound sleeve.
* In 321 pages, the book includes over 20 award winning and / or nominated contemporary poets and authors such as Dale Ray Phillips, a Pulitzer Prize nominee in fiction, C.D. Wright, a National Book Award finalist in poetry, and Adrian Matejka, a National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize finalist in poetry. And, almost as interestingly, many in the book will be published for the first time in their lives.
* To hang on the wall, five frameable broadsides of poems by C.D. Wright, Frank Stanford, Brian Barker, Jake Adam York and Chet Weise, with original art by former Big Boys guitarist Tim Kerr, one-time Hate illustrator Jim Blanchard, intertwangle-ist folk artist Butch Anthony, and more.
* Features unpublished work by Frank Stanford, Jake Adam York, C.D. Wright, Steve Stern, Sampson Starkweather, Joshua Marie Wilkinson, bemsilr brigham, TJ Jarrett, Janaka Stucky, Sommer Browning, Gaylord Brewer, Dan Boehl, Ben Mirov, Daniel Lucca Pujol, William Miller, and Chet Weise.
* Features unheard music by William Tyler, Destruction Unit, Paul “Wine” Jones, and Ken Vandermark.
* Nonfiction from punk rock progenitors Richard Hell and Tav Falco.
* The occupations of the anthology’s contributors range from teachers, morticians, librarians, software developers, actors, and taco chefs to bartenders, farmers, musicians, and parents. Although from all over America (and beyond), almost 90% of the contributors read in Nashville at a DIY series called Poetry Sucks.
- Third Man Records
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