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What's The Story Morning Glory 2xLP

"It's hard to remember now, but when (What's the Story) Morning Glory? was released in the fall of 1995, Oasis were losers. Sure, their 1994 debut album Definitely Maybe had gone straight to No. 1 on the UK albums chart, and sold several million copies worldwide. But in their first true test of post-success fortitude, Oasis could no longer claim the title of biggest rock band in the land. "Roll With It," the teaser from Morning Glory, was released August 14, 1995—not coincidentally, the very same day as "Country House", the jaunty new single from their bitter rivals in Blur (aka the London art-school yin to Oasis' Mancunian street-tough yang). A year's worth of tabloid sniping between the two groups—which hit its peak/nadir when Oasis architect Noel Gallagher declared that Blur's Damon Albarn and Alex James should "catch AIDS and die" —had effectively come down to the UK chart equivalent of an after-school fistfight. And in this case, it was Oasis who walked away licking their wounds—that week, "Country House" outsold "Roll With It" by more than 50,000 copies to take the No. 1 spot." - Pitchfork
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