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Rudy Ray Moore

The 2nd Rudy ray Moore Album LP

In the 1970s, Rudy Ray Moore's X-rated comedy inspired comparisons to Richard Pryor and Redd Foxx. But while Pryor and Foxx reached non-black audiences in a major way, Moore had more of a cult following and was never well known outside of the African-American community. Besides, Moore is quite unique, not to mention innovative; in fact, he has often been described as a pioneer of rap. Moore's comedy wasn't stand-up in the traditional sense. With jazz and R&B musicians playing in the background, he would recite raunchy, sexually explicit rhymes that often had to do with pimps, prostitutes, players, and hustlers. One of Moore's best releases is 1972's This Pussy Belongs to Me; listening to X-rated classics like "Signifying Monkey," "Hurricane Annie Meets Dolemite," and "Mr. Big Dick," one can see why Too Short, Luther Campbell, and the 2 Live Crew consider Moore a major influence. The material is as crude and vulgar as it is entertaining and hysterically funny. Of course, an album this raunchy isn't everyone's cup of tea. But for those who have a taste for X-rated humor, This Pussy Belongs to Me is a cult classic.
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