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Feedback fundamentalists; scuzz pop aesthetes; "new age rock band" Weed have arrived with their debut LP, Deserve. Emerging from the most far out/blissed out enclave of Western Canada (Vancouver, B.C.) and its enduringly fertile DIY scene (which has, over the past decade, spawned too many great bands/artists to list here), Weed have been a favorite of ours for quite sometime. Led by guitarist/singer/visual artist Will Anderson and his buddies Kevin Doherty, Hugo Noriega and Bobby Siadat, Weed have been burning minds of all shapes with their brand of sludged out West Coast youth music since their inception. Having been around for the entirety of this decade, Weed have dropped a couple of now-legendary 7" EPs (With Drug / Eighty, and Gun Control, both released on their very own "Cruising USA" imprint) and have embarked on four (!!) North American tours. Recorded and engineered with Seattle wiz Dylan Wall, the nine tracks that comprise Deserve display the band at the peak of their powers their most melancholy and melodic; blissed but shredded; tuned but atonal. This is liminal rock music for liminal times, gang, and we are honored to be a part of this journey.
-- Couple Sake
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