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1-Speed Bike

Droopy Butt Begone CD

1-speed bike is the electro alter-ego of Aidan Girt, drummer for the Montreal-based bands Exhaust and Godspeed You Black Emperor! From its humble beginnings on an ancient 12-bit akai sampler, 1-speed bike progressed toward new and improved resolution on his debut full-length, while maintaining a decidedly punk irreverence and ramshackle aesthetic. First heard on three remixes interspersed throughout the self-titled Exhaust record, 1-speed bike's beat manipulations are characterized by live drum phrases that pulse and breathe with organic dynamism -- chopped and looped to form the backbone of melodic passages that range from the irreverent to the sublime.
Alternating between humor and homage, "Droopy Butt Begone!" opens with a medley of '80s techno/hip-hop references, giving way to delicate glockenspiel underpinned by head-bobbing beats on track two. Track three is a kinetic remix by Fly Pan Am, who were simultaneously at work on their new EP in the same studio space. This remix ends with resonant tones and drones that introduce the heart of the record. On track four, low loping beats ebb and flow around a beautiful palette of melodic figures and harmonic buzzes and whirrs; on track five, a sustained hip-hop groove anchors the sample stew and flows seamlessly into the house-inflected beat workouts on track six. It all culminates in the exuberant final piece, which closes with his anarcho-poetic-cum-toliet-humor rant. Dark atmospherics and shimmering melodies bind these tracks throughout, played against whimsical touches.
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