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Graces the Bone CD

Special Edition Limited Physical CD! Only 300 made!!
Genessier is the nightmare experienced by the members of The Parallel Light and A Shoreline Dream. Coming from their previous works of space dreams and ambient electronics, they now find themselves engulfed with these new sounds of grinding beats and death screams emanating from the basement. Ryan Policky (A Shoreline Dream/Brim Liski/The Parallel Light) started it all to vent out some aggressions, while visiting some of his favorite sounds of the past. With some early experience working with Cleopatra records in the early 2000’s goth/industrial band Pure Drama, to his highschool death metal days, this was the conjuring he needed on the side of his current studio work with A Shoreline Dream. Eddie Breidenbach (The Parallel Light) partnered up on this experiment, all the while obtaining and building modular synths to add to the layers of electronic mayhem and hypnotic dark dance waves.
“Graces the Bone” is an album made in the attic and it sounds exactly like one. Full of dark corners, broken floorboards and unknown whispers. It’s a trek on the opposite side of the dreams which these two producers originate from. A heart-pounding, gore drenched synth machine from the future. Inspired by the roots of industrial while exploring the nightmares of tomorrow.
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