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Of Montreal

Coquelicot Asleep in the Poppies CD

"First true 'band' record we've ever made. I say this because it is the first time we (Dottie, Derek, David, Andy, Jamey and Kevin) have all collaborated together during the writing & recording process. We took our time (a year and a half) & really labored over every detail. Not a departure from those on our previous albums but are instead a mixof our favorite elements of the past. We tried to combine the intimacy and sweetness of "Petite Tragedy" & the kookiness and color of "Gay Parade". There will be astory included in the art work that will tie the album's concept together for those interested w/illustrations for most of the songs & a poster fold out illustration. Slow moody numbers,zany tunes with dialogue,up tempo madness pop, a song about a wax museum, a detective story, an extended piano instrumental, a story about three legged hyena cicadas, visions into a pure and maniacal love affair and most importantly many many songs of escapism."
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