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Green Pajamas

In a Glass Darkly CD

Revered by the underground British publication Ptolemaic Terrascope and its Terrastock Festival followers, The Green Pajamas continue to build an enthusiastic grass roots base the old fashion way: one fan by word-of-mouth fan. Best known in the U.S. as the composers of Material Issue's hit "Kim the Waitress," this Seattle based quintet continues its 4 year burst of activity with this summer's full-length This Is Where We Disappear on Australia's Camera Obscura label. Until then you can satisfy your psychedelic pop urges with In a Glass Darkly, an EP of five new Green Pajamas songs on Hidden Agenda/Parasol. Leader Jeff Kelly had originally planned In a Glass Darkly as a Goblin Market side project with collaborator Laura Weller, but after further examination and rumination decided it was Green Pajamas material after all. Inspired by the writings of J. S. Le Fanu, In a Glass Darkly is a bit more somber than recent Green Pajamas output. A beautiful escape for the coming days of spring.
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