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Nana Grizol's second album is a potent mix of revved-up melodic folk punk laced with intricate horn arrangements and sleazy, ripping guitars. It alternates between contemplative, beautiful folk arrangements and blasting rock and roll, often within the same song. "Cynicism" kicks things off with a haunting finger-picked guitar melody mixed with a lush horn arrangement. "Galaxies" then kicks things into high gear with an infectious swagger. "Black Box" is an album highlight, with its urgent, tense backing of a lyrical rumination on mortality. "From Here" opens with a jubilant group vocal, then channels Neil Young's Crazy Horse for a blazing, energetic guitar workout. "Sands" ends the album with an ominous, horn-backed swell that builds into an expertly crafted pop song, leaving off on a dark but hopeful note.
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