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Suburban Light CD

SO SO HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! The Clientele are our passion of the past 6 months (as they seem to be with the rest of the world) and this is perhaps the most anticipated release in ages. And boy was it worth the weight. This is essentially a collection of their very very hard to find singles from the past couple of years, including three entire singles, a compilation track, and two A-Sides from other singles. But lucky for us, they make up for the missing B-sides there by adding 4 previously unreleased tracks! Hooray!! For those unfamiliar with their melancholic brand of stunning beauty, they recall a time of yesteryear unlike anyone else. A throwback to AM pop radio of the 60's. Evoking emotions of spending a full afternoon with a lover while the rain washes softly outside the window. Their style of recording hearkens back to simple beauty...there's nothing else quite like it in music today.
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