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Celestial Soul Portrait 2xLP

In 1989, professor Joel D. Funk, at the psychology department of Plymouth State College in New Hampshire, found that the music of Iasos bears striking resemblance to that which people hear during near-death experiences--at the very precipice between life and death, the mundane and the infinite.
By the mid-1970s--prior to ambient's "musical furniture" and the coming age of New Age--Iasos had his hands on his first synthesizer and had made in-roads into both aborning genres. In dialogue with Vista, a benevolent music-maker from a distant dimension, Iasos conducted groundbreaking experimentation with tape reversal, feedback, and the electronic processing of acoustic instruments (phase-shifted flute, echoplex), working with some of the first commercially available synths, and inventing innovative visual effects for his own mind-expansive live sets. In translating the tones of his galactic muse for the ears of Earth humans, Iasos helped midwife new genres into existence and utterly transform the compositional possibilities for every contemporary musician--all while living the life of a poor pirate eccentric in the Marin County dock system's only telephone- equipped houseboat.
Spotlighting selections from the first decade of Iasos' inter-dimensional output, Celestial Soul Portraits features a bevy of never-before-seen photos and never-before-heard tracks, a 4,000-word history of Iasos, and an insight into the life and "crystal giggling energy" of Iasos, the other Greek god of '70s exploration into music's electronic stargate.
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