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Dead Man's Bones

Dead Man's Bones LP

When Ryan Gosling and Zach Shields met in Toronto in 2005, they discovered their mutual obsession with the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland. Once they realized their shared affinity for the eerie, it was only natural for them to start work on a theatrical-monster-ghost-love story for the stage. They decided that this story should have music, so they began learning how to play various instruments. Eventually, they decided to continue with the music and put the play aside. Their band, Dead Man's Bones, began recording, and Dead Man's Bones, the album, was born.
Some of their songs reflect the music they listened to - a little bit of doo-wop, and artists such as the Shangri-Las, the Shags, Company Flow, Sam Cooke, James Brown, Joy Division, and Daniel Johnston, to name a few. In addiction, the artistic aesthetic of old Universal horror films, vaudeville music-hall numbers, and silent-screen melodramas infest the music. Zach and Ryan wrote all the music and played all the instruments. The result is a striking collection of doo-wop songs about werewolves, haunting melodies, and children singing the joys and pains of being alive (or being dead).
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