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Fallen Angels

It's a Long Way Down LP

1968 album from the Baltimore psych group. Exact repro, manufactured by Rhino. "The opener 'Poor Old Man' is an inspired leadoff track that features a strong west coast influence, both Love & The Doors immediately come to mind, it sports a killer bass riff along with loose, John Densmore style percussion and a myriad of psychedelic effects, about midway in, the whole piece breaks down and singer Jack Bryant does this totally off the wall jazz type scat vocal that completely derails the song, luckily it doesn't last long as the group leap back into the opening riff and it's back to the races. 'A Horn Playing On My Thin Wall' is next and it is a dead ringer for Da Capo era Love (both 'Orange Skies' & 'Que Vida'), this track becomes better as it rolls along, it ends with a rush of great harmony vocals. 'Something You Can Hide In' is full tilt psychedelia that features every psychedelic trick in the book with fabulous results, this number reminds me a great deal of Love's underrated Four Sail album." --Head Heritage
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