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Brad Laner

Natural Selections CD

The sun's still shining in Brad Laner's California. A founding father of shoegaze and the man behind Medicine, Savage Republic, Electric Company, and The Internal Tulips, Brad Laner returns with the follow-up to his 2007 psychedelic pop wonder Neighbor Singing. His constructed sonic world, built on an irresistible set of guitar and vocal layers, captures a whole new view into the sun - this time with a few more clouds. The pop music of Brad Laner (a relatively new concept in its own right) has a respect for the inevitable tick-tock of time. Crafted in a sprawling mid-century house between multi-centuries of California mountains - with family in the next room over - there's proven stability underfoot. But as wildfires desaturated the west coast sky last year, as the earth caught up to man, Natural Selections was born. Brad Laner's second solo album is an evolution. A ten-track album co-produced by Thom Monahan (of Vetiver and Brightblack fame), Natural Selections features tracks like "June Gloom" and "Find Out" that threaten to bring summer to the coldest climes and the electric-guitar-susceptible to their knees.
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