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Panda Riot

Serious Radical Girls 7"

Limited edition of 400. Download coupon. Three tracks exclusive to this 7" vinyl w/ download release only. No iTunes, no Amazon, no Spotify, etc.
Drawing comparisons to Helium, the Breeders and Black Tambourine if they had grabbed a drum machine and danced a bit more, Panda Riot's Serious Radical Girls 7" gives a glimpse of what the band has been up to for the past year.
Panda Riot formed in Philadelphia while Brian Cook and Rebecca Scott were working on some short films. Soundtracks turned into songs and Panda Riot was born. They picked up a drum machine, a couple of guitars, and the result was She Dares All Things, a collection of bedroom recorded songs. A move to Chicago saw the addition of Justin Cheng on Bass and Jose Rodriguez on Aux percussion. Last year they dropped the Far and Near Ep. They are currently working on their full length Northern Automatic Music.
The title track of Serious Radical Girls is a totally ravenous collage of ghostly vocals, dance-y drums (real and otherwise), dub-y bass lines and blurry guitars. The 2nd track on the A side, Golden Age (precursor) is an acid peak on your sunny day. On the B side, Dean Garcia (Curve/SPC ECO) does an absolutely brilliant teardown/re-vision/refocus of Serious Radical Girls--slowing down the groove into a pillowy yet menacing subterranean dream.
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