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Band in Heaven

Sleazy Dreams 7"

Edition of 475 copies.With all the noisy pop bands swimming around in the sub-stratosphere, grasping for threads and most simmering down into indiscriminate, faceless factions of desperation, it's with great excitement that something like The Band in Heaven can slip through the sludge and knock us right into the perfect state of mind. This Florida band has unraveled the mystery of how to solidly arrange the two or three chords that work best into a seamless monster of penetrating throb, peeling back the murky darkness and invigorating their explosive presence, making it impossible to turn away. A sinister chill emanates from each unsettling track included on their vinyl debut EP here, carved repulsively from front-to-back with "Sleazy Dreams" into "Sludgy Dreams," in between which, the band revs up and blasts off with a goth-tinged ferocity, delivering four, diverse, head-expanding trips into the blackness.
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