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Santa Sprees

Keep Still CD

Whilst in Japan, Dreamy Records released 'DE HELPENDE HOND' and 'I WISH I'D BEEN AN EXTRA IN DAWN OF THE DEAD' on the 'Head In the Clouds' compilation (rem 004 cd) and over the next 18 months recorded their debut CD, 'KEEP STILL' (rem 012 cd) for the same label: an hour-long album of bedroom hollers, primitive baroque, ramshackle doo-wop, densely lyrical squalls and cheap pop abandonment. SANTA SPREES are Anthony Dolphin and Katherine Marshall plus occasional guests. Short, primitive songs based on a handful of haphazardly uncovered 3-finger chords. As the number of cassettes of said songs grew more instruments were added: electronic mellotron, 5-stringed guitar (Santa Sprees tuning), sleigh bells, diamonica, sampler, distortion pedal, kazoo, harmonica, melodion, percussive lemons etc. UK import.
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