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"For as long as records are made -- or at least listened to in some fashion -- Laetitia Sadier will forever be linked with Stereolab, the band she has fronted with ex-partner Tim Gane throughout the heady pre- and post-millennial years of the past two decades. But 2009 signaled changes; Stereolab announced an indefinite hiatus and Laetitia disbanded her original solo project/band, Monade. Fittingly, Laetitia is releasing her first 'official' solo record, The Trip. The theme of the record addresses such passages: 'Putting my name on this record reflects my need not to rely on or hide behind anyone. On a deeper level, I also had a very strong urge to make sense of the loss of my sister Noelle, so it's a very personal homage to life's journey and a grieving process for the separations that are an unavoidable part of life.' Laetitia has been performing her new songs at solo live shows this summer with just voice and electric guitar, but for The Trip she packed a band sound, with musical collaborators including Americans Rebecca Gates, Richard Swift and April March, as well as French musicians Julien Gasc and Emmanuel Mario (who also collaborated on the final Monade album Monstre Cosmic)."
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