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Clear Vinyl!! LIMITED TO 1000. An album of some of their brightest sounding songs to date. These are the sounds of a band falling in love, a band having fun. "Nitetime rainbows" always struck the band as a song that could be its own album, let alone EP/single. It was one of the most fun songs to record on Ashes Grammar, and it has the most elaborate & strange instruments on it -- from vibes to lap steel to bulbul tarang. Its partner song, "Daytime rainbows," was originally intended to appear on the full length but the band needed a bit more time to develop it. "So bloody, so tight" is one of the band's absolute favorite songs they've recorded to date & it's easy to hear why. The song is full of hope in a way the band has only hinted at previously. While the vocals are still low in the mix, the lyrics for this song are the first the band has ever shared. "Piano lessons" was the result of Ben, who cannot play the piano, sitting at the baby grand for many, many hours one night. By the end of the night he was deliriously pounding the keys, mashing as many as he could with his palms flat. Also includes three remixes by THE BUDDY SYSTEM, BENOIT PIOULARD & EZEKIEL HONIG
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