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Gregory Webster

Promised Land 7"

Gregory Webster has recorded for pretty impressive scene-setting labels over the past 25 years, including seminal UK indie labels Creation, Sarah Records, and The Subway Organisation, plus indie-pop bastions from Australia to the USA. Now Slumberland Records is pleased to join in the fun. Webster first emerged during the mid-'80s UK C86 scene with Razorcuts, whose sound hit somewhere between the 12-string heavy folk-rock of mid-'60s L.A. and the unique pop sensibilities of UK post-punk. The Carousel soon followed, a gorgeously out-of-time psych-folk duo formed with Talulah Gosh founding member Elizabeth Price. After the acoustic simplicity of his 1995 debut solo LP, My Wicked Wicked Ways, Webster put together perhaps his most prolific (and noisy) outfit, Sportique, with ex-TV Personality Mark Flunder and Heavenly's Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey. His debut Slumberland single is his first solo recording for almost 15 years. On "Promised Land," Webster returns to matters of the heart, utilizing the acoustic-based sound familiar to those who have seen his regular PopFest performances in recent years. Although never foolish enough to adopt the mannerisms of another culture as his own, Webster's love of American folk and country greats such as Willie Nelson and Hank Williams clearly shines through. In fact, the B-side is a radically different interpretation of Williams' lesser-known classic "Won't You Sometimes Think of Me?" Simplicity rules throughout, complementing the naked honestly of the songwriting. Webster's signature 12-string sound is augmented by haunting harmonium accompaniment from The Birthday Girl (Vatican Cellars) and beautifully uplifting vocal flourishes provided by Pam Perry of Slumberland's own legendary Black Tambourine. As Webster dreams of love away from the glare of city lights, take a ride out to the country with him on this beautifully packaged return to vinyl.
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