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Jens Hannemann

Complicated Drumming Technique DVD

"After many years of selling LPs and CDs full of the wild mystery of music with no explanations and fewer apologies, Drag City is pleased to finally be able to give something back to the legions of wanna-be musicians that form our listening audience around the world. Complicated Drumming Technique is a first for us: an educational DVD teaching the craft of drum work (aka drumming) to beginners and experts alike. Respected comedian and television personality Fred Armisen brought percussionist Jens Hannemann to our attention with an ingenious DVD that opened our eyes to the responsibilities and million little victories that drummers everywhere experience behind the kit, unbeknownst to us. If we knew so little about it, then the rest of you are probably completely in the dark! Don't worry; Jens Hannemann's Complicated Drumming Technique can easily be yours as well." Special Features: Printed Scores, Interactive Menus, Chapter Selection, Full-Color DVD label. Color, NTSC format, region free, Running time: 28 min.
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