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Throwing Sparks LP

Clairecords is excited to present the debut from Gainesville, FL's most promising young, fresh fellows, Averkiou. Inspired by everyone from Ride and Guided By Voices to Teenage Fanclub and Wire, and taking cues from the likes of Dinosuar Jr. and Sebadoh, Averkiou is like the classic indie rock band that you've always loved you just haven't heard 'em yet. The result of two-and-a-half turbulent years of teeth-gnashing frustration, Throwing Sparks was hardly an easy project in the making. But it was only after the group spent time in the studio that home tracking became a viable option. "We had this idea that it was absolutely necessary to track these songs in a studio and we did that, and some of that is on this record, but it took us another year after walking out of the studio to finish what we started there and in the end, home recording is what made this record work," says David Quarles, multi-instrumentalist for the band. A modern indie rock masterpiece clocking in at a scorching 25 minutes, Throwing Sparks will rock you like a Category 5 cyclone. You best not blink. Not matter what, we are positive you will be begging for more.
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