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The Trickster LP

St. Ives has long been in love with the songs of Trevor Montgomery. Performing as Lazarus, Montgomery's nascent body of work began (after he left new kosmiche group Tarentel) in 2001 with the glorious Songs For An Unborn Sun (Temporary Residence Ltd.). Since then, two additional full-lengths have been released, further illuminating Montgomery's beguiling voice as both singer, arranger and lyricist and having earned him many comparisons to classic heavy bellowers such as Nick Cave and Leonard Cohen. After being commissioned by St. Ives to do a record, he decided to gather some songs together influenced by and referencing his teenage years. According to Montgomery: "At the time I was polarized by meth, riding trains, heavy psychedelics, and a love of spending my time in the mountains walking around in the woods. At 14 I tried to sell my soul for the ability to draw the female form in perfection, I skirted death several times, always seeming to be saved at the last minute by some good soul or random occurrence. All and all leading me to believe that the coyote's and crow's of the canyons were watching out for me. The Trickster in many forms, laughing and crying." Recorded wherever he could find space, but mostly in a photography studio in Old Town Orange, California owned by his brother. All songs were written, performed and recorded by Lazarus (William Trevor Montgomery). As all St. Ives records, The Trickster is available in limited edition (300 copies), each with unique hand-made art, done by the artist.
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