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Jackie-O Motherfucker

The Blood of Life CD

Taken from 2007's live in-studio performance at VPRO Radio in Amsterdam, The Blood of Life features takes of "Hey! Mr. Sky," "The Grave," and "Valley of Fire." These raw versions of songs from 2005, 2006, and 2007 releases are coupled with two previously unreleased tracks: a traditional Canadian ballad "The Lost Jimmy Walen," and "The Blood of Life." The title track is the true drawing point here, as Tom Greenwood, Nick Bindeman, Dana Valatka, and Danny Asaki noodle their way around a single droning note on guitars, drums and turntables for nearly 18 minutes. It's an expansive psychedelic trip, with Greenwood's lazy half-sung vocals leading the way, but unfortunately the rest of the disc isn't quite so adventurous, and the rest of the songs feel conservative and meek in the wake of the lush soundscapes that made up the originals. Hearing the band in an intimate setting will probably interest those who want a document of the band's live sound, especially considering that the sound quality is much higher than their last live release. At the same time, The Blood of Life essentially is what it is -- filler to hold fans over until JOMF's next full length is completed. ~ Jason Lymangrover, All Music Guide
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