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Her first official album of new material since 1984's Moonlight with Loren Connors, Terror marks a welcome return for Connecticut folk legend Kath Bloom. While her pristine, tremulous voice sounds very different now, lacking the sharpness of her younger days, it's still very much recognisably hers. Bloom's simple, acoustic recordings are augmented by a number of contributors who all perform in a suitably respectful, distant fashion, allowing the intimacy and quietness of Bloom's performances to take their full effect. Perhaps inevitably, Bloom arguably sounds a lot stronger when she's onher own: rockers (or rather, 'rockers') like 'I Didn't Do This To You' lack the impact of quieter solo outings such as the title track or pared down successes like 'Close To Something' or opener 'Everything Looks Different At Night'. While by no means the high profile, triumphant comeback enjoyed by Vashti Bunyan a few years back, Terror is still an entirely valid document from one of American folk's most unusual voices.
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