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I'm Not A Gun is a collaboration between John Tejada and Takeshi Nishimoto, and this is their first release for the Palette label. The two have gained worldwide acclaim with their three albums for Berlin-based City Centre Offices (CCO). Tejada is an internationally-established electronic artist who has received critical acclaim the world over for his electronic productions, while Nishimoto studied the classical tradition from some of the world's premiere guitar players such as James Smith, Scott Tennant, Bill Kanengizer, and Brian Head. He also had the jazz guitar legend Phil Upchurch as his mentor. I'm Not A Gun is an organic combination of a captured acoustic performance and experimental electronic composition. Mirror marks Palette Recordings 52nd release as well as I'm Not A Gun's fourth full-length release. After many years recording for CCO, Tejada and Nishimoto bring the project home, where they had always envisioned it should be, on Tejada's own Palette Recordings. Mirror expands on the ideas the two have been honing over the past few years, combining acoustic elements with electronic production to capture that magic take. This album features more of Nishimoto's acoustic 7-string guitar work than ever before, reflecting his solo effort Monologue, as well as his work on 7-string electric guitar. The accompanying atmospheres created mostly from processed granular guitar add a synthetic acoustic backing for the lead guitar work. The combination of the acoustic and synthetic guitar textures envelops the listener in a pulse backed by Tejada's drum playing or at times, synthetic drum programming.
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