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Jack Rose

I Do Play Rock And Roll LP

While Jack Rose's compositional skills are always clear and apparent, observing one of his live performances allows even the most casual of listeners to be exposed to his works in an entirely new light. When played for an audience, rose's compositions are given time to stretch out and display an improvisational punctuation. Various live tracks have popped up over the course of Rose's discography, but 'I Do Play Rock and Roll' is his first complete album of live material. I Do Play Rock and Roll's forty-one minutes are comprised of only three tracks meticulously selected from Jack's live archives. An epic workout of "Calais to Dover" (originally appearing on 2005's Kensington Blues) recorded in 2006 starts the whole affair with a bang. The follow-up is documentation from a 2004 appearance on VPRO-fm in the form of "Cathedral et Chartres." The disc's closer, "Sundogs" is a real treat. Previously available only as a studio performance on the seminal by the fruits... triple LP compilation, it takes on a whole other twenty-two minute grinding, droning life live.
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