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Suki Ewers

Kind of Hazy CD

Suki Ewers has spent her career perfecting a glorious, countrified strand of dream-pop as part of bands Mazzy Star, Opal and Anemone, and this new Kramer-produced solo outing is comparable with the slowcore loveliness of Low, the stargazing Nashville sounds of Cortney Tidwell, and most obviously, the opiated balladry of former bandmate Hope Sandoval, particularly on the brilliant opener 'Time After Time'. The songwriting and production are in perfect harmony, sounding like a pedal steel-toting Velvet Underground on 'All Day Long', whilst spouting blasts of echoing guitar distortion and searing synthesizer on 'This Must Be Heaven'. Sidestepping the dream-pop pitfalls, Ewers never hides her songs - or for that matter her vocals - behind the array of studio techniques and effects that help shape this album, and Kind Of Hazy resounds far more clearly than its title might have you believe.
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