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Experimental Audio Research is the brainchild of rock experimentalist Sonic Boom (Spaceman 3, Spectrum), with the help of a few like-minded friends--My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields, God's Kevin Martin, and AMM's Eddie Prevost. Though originally self-released in 1996, Beyond the Pale is actually EAR's first disc, recorded way back in 1992. Sonic Boom successfully washes his hands of his former art-pop leanings with a challenging album of analog synths, guitar feedback, and subtle percussion effects that sound more ambient than rock. Don't worry, there's nothing too harsh on the album, though droning improvisations like the nearly 15-minute title track do require some patience. Their 1998 album Millennium Music may have been a more diverse affair, but Beyond the Pale's instrumental mayhem and rare vocals (a sampled chant makes a cameo) have their own intense power.
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