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In the past his records have largely been anthologies of disparate ideas to some degree, explorations and collaborations some of which have been hugely successful and some less so - but what we have with 'DAUW' is a truly earth-shaking artist record, an apt realisation of the Machinefabriek sound and something which will no doubt stand the test of time. Packaged in a typically beautiful fashion 'DAUW' comes with an assertion from the label that it sounds something like Arvo Part, something like Mogwai, something like Philip Jeck and something like Fennesz and for once these comparisons are pretty much spot on. Rutger Zuydervelt has married the smart post rock sensibility of Mogwai with something far more experimental and the crunchy turntablism of Jeck with something far more accessible. The resulting sound is a deeply immersive collection of experiments, populist sounds with a noisy bent, or post rock without the rock. From a series of relatively short, arresting pieces Zuydervelt ends the journey with a half-hour ambient symphony which takes the ideas of the album's first two acts and blurs them into the final third to come up with the perfect conclusion to a haunting and dare I say breathtaking journey. A truly gorgeous record that stands out as a bright beacon amongst a mire of great Machinefabriek records.
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