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Mimidokodesuka CD

The first thing you need to know about this apparently mysterious new Drag City release is the identity of the personnel behind it: Jim O'Rourke, Chris Corsano and Family Vineyard artist Darin Grey have teamed up for an album of brain shaking improvisation in a similar mode to the none-more-skronked jazz/noise recordings of Original Silence, O'Rourke's project with Thurston Moore, Mats Gustafsson and Paal Nilssen-love (among others). The first piece, 'Form Of The Collapse If A Collapse Should Occur' begins in a comparatively sedate mode, with Corsano jangling bells while some sort of metalwork drone (some dsort of cymbal manipulation perhaps?) swells up in the background. Tentative guitar doodles start to catch your ear by the midway point, only for something approaching freeform, fuzzy chaos to break out towards then end, preparing you for the swingtime noise blitzkrieg that's to come. At times it all sounds a bit like Rune Grammofon's Scorch Trio, but O'Rourke's guitar is less shred-centric than Raoul Bjorkenheim, often resembling the discordant invention you'd associate with Derek Bailey. Further to this, the less widely known Gray holds up his end brilliantly, laying down rapidfire upright bass when needed and of course, Corsano once again confounds the ear with his bizarre percussive dexterity. Great improvisation from three wonderful musicians. Very highly recommended indeed.
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