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Abe Vigoda

Skeleton CD

If you want to know how kids can get so fucked in the head growing up in southern California, you gotta know about Abe Vigoda. Chino is the home of this sort of No Wave-y sort of Pop oriented sort of twisted punked 4 piece. You can see it in the way they pound the living shit out of the instruments they play, and you can see it in the way they talk about things they are interested in, these kids are fucked, but in a good way. Fucked in the way that they can make a good record and play really good shows above all odds, like having terminal cancer and mental illness. Juan will kiss you if you ask and they are HUGE in England.
The first proper full length comes in the name Skeleton and is a twisted joy ride through the four boys' private party. Soothing parts that remind you of Captain Beefheart and My Bloody Valentine, or some punk with a haunting reggaetron pulse that makes you move. When the record is done after a little more than thirty minutes, you are left feeling that there is something they are trying to tell you, on second listen it smacks you in the face... "Abe Vigoda are here!" Coming from the same team as The Smell champions No Age and Mika Miko, Abe Vigoda hold a DIY attitude and lay all over the place whenever they can, bringing an instant vibe all their own.
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