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Yha Hamaraa LP

This is the debut full-length release from Finland's Paavoharju. CD originally released in 2005. The group is a collective project of ascetic born-again Christians. The sound is something between Bollywood music, church hymns, beautiful pop tunes and ambient esoteric noises. The lyrics are very spiritual in sound and text. Paavoharju sing of branches touching the surface of the water and walking down a black street to an old inn. Waves of static and echo mingle with acoustic guitar blistered by electronic hum, haunting female vocals are backed by broken piano interludes, weirdo electronic harpsichords mingle with chiming organ in a rococo, medieval pastiche set as devout forest singalong. Probably one of the most eclectic releases of 2005, and a true testament to the burgeoning Finnish scene. Fonal Records hosts a fierce new force and sound into the world.
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